Greetings. This is my first blog and its primary aim is going to be to introduce myself, what I’m about and why I’ve set up my blog.

My name is Matthew Jones and I am a huge fan of playing, watching and betting on tennis. Although, it must be said, my knowledge of the game far outweighs my ability to play it. Therefore, I’m sticking to what I do best and aim to provide readers with an updated stream of tennis news, keeping fans in the loop.

Most tennis blogs out there focus only on the big names i.e. Federer, Djokovic, Murray etc. Of course I will be blogging about the biggest names to have ever graced the courts, however I will also be talking about the lesser known players who struggle to even make a living doing what they love.

Furthermore, I will be recommending betting tips on most of the ATP world tour events for readers to hopefully make a long-term profit using data, statistics, news and even gut-feeling. I hope to get other tennis tipsters on board too.

I hope this will become a very popular blog where tennis fans all around the world can gather in a friendly online community to receive updates, discuss talking-points and maybe win some money watching the sporting you love.




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